In depth articles about non-duality published in "3ème millénaire" magazine and others.

(Translations from French mostly)


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Is death real?

3ème millénaire - Autumn 2016

From our first to our last breath, the gloomy threat of Death tirelessly prowls like a vulture above our human condition.

« Remember you are dust

and to dust you shall return. »

(Genesis 3:19)

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reiterating itself

3ème millénaire - Summer 2017

« In the crowd of the pilgrimage, I got lost ... So I went down to the police station to declare the loss of myself. A nearby officer slapped my cheek so hard that it turned red and went on asking: "Tell me, who is this guy?" Instantly, I became aware of myself and was very happy to meet myself again. » (Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj)


Emotions in non-duality

3ème millénaire - Spring 2019

Dans la plupart des domaines dits spirituels, les émotions ont bien mauvaise presse ! Les émotions seraient le berceau des plus grands maux de l’univers, la raison principale des conflits internes et externes, l’origine de nos vies fragmentées.

(translation in process)


Doing or not doing?

3ème millénaire - Automn 2019

Free will in question...

(translation in process)


Interview by Jean-Louis Accarias

Meditation France - November 2016

What happened to you, even if nothing happened?

16-11-19 Entretien avec Jean Louis Accar