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Zooming out

There is one thing that we, seemingly separate individuals, have all in common whether we are aware of it or not: a longing for a feeling of wholeness. Intuitively, we know that this is the only thing that may bring us a lasting sense of peace and happiness, the “Ease of Being”, Jean Klein speaks about.

However, the way we most often go about fulfilling this longing is rather Kamikaze-style. Not only it is counter-active but it also contributes to the reinforcement of separate individuals in a hostile world - spiritual seekers included. The fragmentation we, so-called humans, seem to experience seems real. However it is as vain as waves fiercely fighting the elements to avoid disappearing into the great vastness of the ocean, while desperately longing for knowing its all embracing unconditional love.

A lasting and peaceful sense of ease can only come when it is fully recognised that this “boundary” has always been purely functional. Hence the conceptual boundary between Awareness (seemingly inside) and Objects of Awareness (seemingly outside) collapse and all is recognised as one indivisible ever present and ever changing One.

It may take some time to fully realign this understanding with leading one's daily life. This said, when this is seen, it can never be forgotten fully, only momentarily and less and less frequently and with less and less intensity.

More and more “awakening people” share this message through talks, podcasts, satsangs, articles and books. In her article Joan Tollifson – Home Joan Tollifson, mentions several schools of thoughts and traditions that attracts all sensitivities.

There are many entry points to this ultimate understanding depending on one's own base camp and the luggage we carry or leave behind on this exploration. It is essential to be as alive and flexible as Life itself. There is not one single resting or arrival point where we can finally stick your flag and say ”I am done”! There is nothing but Life. It is crucial to tirelessly continue exploring as long as there is an explorer. The dissolving of the explorer may - or may not - come from exhaustion or laughter or both of course...

As long as there is exploring or simply to be in great company of like-minded people, here are a few fellow explorers that you may enjoy listening with delight or awe this summer. Take your pick!

Two rare pieces:

This one podcast is a particularly good one on Awareness:

Otherwise, the 100 interviews here are all jewels!


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