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What about the world?

Rumor has it that the abrupt or gradual subtle recognition that “I am being lived” makes me a “completely-still-yogi-sitting-on-Cloud-­9” type of a guy/girl. In other words, that I am an unmovable rock, a body-mind untouched by circumstances and deprived of emotions and feelings; worse of all that I am insensitive towards fellow human beings and other animals living on planet Earth and passive as to the world's welfare.

True, the surrender of all self-concern generally does not go unnoticed. The world of appearances has been unmasked and I may feel and appear aloof. Yet could it be that God created a monster? God no!

While the body-mind does not change and Life goes on same same, all by itself as it has always been -that's a discovery worth repeating- a radical change of perspective has taken place. And when folks say, “You've changed, you're more in the flow”, I see/know deep down that “I am flow” and “there is nothing that is not flow, all included even when I forget that I am flow”. When the going gets rough and Life becomes a torrent, I less and less resist until I don’t resist at all. I no longer always feel like an insignificant piece of drift wood fighting the water elements not to drown. It is recognised that the wood piece is but a figment of my imagination. How could it not drown but in itself only?

So, now let's gently row our dream boat down the spiritual stream:

"Existence, the physical world is basically playful. When you’re danccing, you don’t aim at particular spot in the room. The whole point of the dancing is the dance."

"Ramana Maharshi used to say, “Let the one who has created the mess take care of the mess.” I am not preaching passivity. Ultimately, the outcome of all our human endeavors is failure. Disappearance is a great equalizer. From the vantage point of phenomena, we are in a tragedy, no matter what we do.”

The origin of the world crisis is ignorance, the belief that we are separate individuals. If each of us comes to grip with this central issue, given our god given skills, talents and affinities, we will act in the world in ways that will be conducive to moving towards a better world in a relative sense. But our priority is to have the correct perspective on the nature of reality and consciousness. The God is not Gaia, the God is the Self.”

It is not that there is no responsibility, there is no personal responsibility. But this doesn’t make us behave in irresponsible ways, on the contrary. When we feel I am a separate person, it is that feeling that gives rise to irresponsible behaviors. What enabled Hitler to behave like he did was the deep sense of being a separate self.”

If we do not understand the inseparability of all existence in Consciousness, if we do not imbibe it at a very gut level, we may one day say, "The human species was an interesting experiment, it did not work”.

"Are there 2 things: 1/ our perception 2/ the object that is perceived ? If not, can we then say that there is a "world" out there??”


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