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Vanilla or chocolate?

The Vanilla-Chocolate Meetup started with a short introduction where she highlighted that the identification with the story we call me blocks the clear view. The clear view of knowing ourselves to be nothing in particular, just the happening of this moment. And that the techniques which we present are a help along the way.

And not to get stuck with any one technique as we need and resonate with different practices or methods at different times in our lives.

The hilarious video of Bob Newhart gave us one of the many ways to help us see through the story we think of as ourselves. Just Stop It! Gangaji, Ramesh and Sailor Bob are all at times using this method of breaking the continuity of our hypnotizing story.

Then Didier presented to us the vanilla flavour of Ramesh where the investigation of:

are you the doer of your action? is central to his teaching. After a short video extract of Ramesh (full video "The Cosmic Law"), Ragi was doing the practical exercise with the group in the way Ramesh used to do it.

The explanation of Ragi was beautifully clear and accessible.

After the break we switched to Chocolate. Tony Parsons in two video's; his way of describing how there is only ever Aliveness happening to no-one, which resonated with many, and as well made others angry.

This message is not a prescription of a non method which we can practice, it is describing how it is. So it is highlighting the non existence of a personal entity.

We could see that even there the mind tries to capture something of what has been said and turns it into something to feel comfortable with.

The mind will never understand This....

It was a rich and yummy meetup with a lot of focus and depth.


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