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Tony Parsons - Avoidance

The most effective the mind avoids awakening is to seek it.

You are still waiting for an event to happen. Forget about it. You are avoiding ‘It’ by waiting for an event, and that expectation will make you believe that you are still not ‘there’ yet.

There is an event called enlightenment but the result of that event is really of no consequence to the individual because the individual is no longer there

There is no such thing as an enlightened person for who is it that can become that which already is?

There is simply seeing and not seeing. Seeing does not come about through something gained but rather through an illusion lost.

The re-discovery of what you are has absolutely nothing to do with the person you think you are. No amount of purification, honesty, seriousness, sacrifice, letting go or surrender will persuade oneness to appear. 

All ideas that suggest that there is a someone who can choose to become a something are totally irrelevant to awakening. What you are looking for is that which already sees.


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