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The 1st-2nd & 3rd persons

Granted! Something is happening here – Life - which cannot be defined by thoughts, or really understood through thoughts.

“Thoughts are used to dismantle the fantasies that we normally carry... We don't really have a tool for saying what anything actually is.” says Darrel Bailey

We can see everyday that we are not directing Life, we are not even influencing it... Realising that we, human beings, don't understand what Existence is and that we basically have no clue whatsoever as to where and why the game of Leela takes us at every now has huge implications in the way we envisage Life. This very fact may calm or infuriate the mind.

In this specific session, we first focused at length in an analytical linear way, then went for the poetic intuitive way. Thanks to Didier's patient and perseverant guidance, we somehow made it through... with a clearer insight as to who metaphorically is first, second and third in this great game of Leela.


Both ways come from Rupert Spira, the linear and the intuitive:

The context is that Mary (just a name for the occasion to name the One) falls asleep in Birmingham, dreaming to be Jane (us, humans!) in the streets of London.

Go slowly through the video step by step, pausing when necessary. A trap would be to fall into personification, there is none... remember at all times that this is just a metaphor. While you are it, you could even go for a piece of chocolate and redo the test in real time to get an internal first person perspective! 

And now for the zero perspective... In deep sleep, the first person and second person vanish in dimensionless consciousness. Nevertheless it is not nothing, it is no-thing. In fact, this is all there ever is as raw light, without mind construct or interpretation.

For those of us that are not equipped to see things in an analytical and logical way, here is a poem by Rupert Spira that might strike a chord more directly and acutely, moving away from thoughts into our direct experience.

Every time I open my eyes,

I invite the world to take shape

and every time the world takes shape

I'm invited to open my eyes.

Every time I open my eyes,

I invite the world to take shape

and every time the world takes shape,

I'm invited to open my eyes

and see the world raw and naked

holding out its hand

pulling me into itself

where I am taken into the transparency of things

and find myself transparent there

standing on the edge looking down

and into the dark silent pool

in which the world is cradled.

And I am cradled there

held with all things

and hold all things in myself.

Myself, not a thing in the world

but this here seeing

in which the world opens

inviting and offering itself.

And every time it is seen, it dies

and in dying holds out its hand

again asking to be taken in.

And every time I take it in, I too die

and in dying I'm known as this here seeing.”

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