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The gateless Gate

The meetup was divided into three parts.

The first was introduced by a video of Gangaji: "The willingness to face the catastrophe" . The willingness to face everything and anything which appears to us without attaching a story to it. Facing it as it is. In this line, Adyashanti in the second video, emphasized that there is no deep lasting liberation without death. Exploring "the willingness to face Catastrophy” VIDEO Gangaji - It Is Possible I Am Not (15’25)

VIDEO Adyashanti - Dying before dying (2’10) REAL death - starting from 2:56 min

The second part; the Gateless Gate showed us with the help of Paul Hedderman's video that we are already what we are looking for. The Gate disappears when we see there never was a Gate in the first place.

"the best way to get out of something is realise you are not in it")

The last part was an eye opener as Jeff Foster's answer to three intelligent and clever questions was a 6 minutes belly shaking laughter. VIDEO Jeff Foster (8’20) All that is left is laughter.... 😂😂😂


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