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The dead echoes of the past

This afternoon we were happy Ragi from Tiruvanamalai was able to join us. As we were waiting for everyone to arrive a song of Nick Willoughby: "Sweet Mystery" was played.

Didier introduced the topic of today. And as illustration used a short clip of Paul Hedderman to show that the simplicity and clarity of this message, what we already are, gets distorted by the belief system through which it is received.

Ken Wilber in this amazing clear video illustrates the simplicity of what we truly are.

In the discussion that followed we acknowledged that it is not enough for the intellect to understand This, as there is a whole system in place of emotions and behavior patterns which is governed by the belief that it is separate.

Then Ragi with the help of a method of enquiry showed that it is possible to go deeper into the body mind by asking again and again: who or what am I. And he lead us consequently through a whole array of fun exercises which helped the system to loosen up and perceive itself away from the intellect.

In between we also saw this video clip from Peter Brown.

Ragi is a skilled teacher and kept everyone focused and alert while showing in clarity all the different ways how the simplicity of who we truly are gets distorted by our conditioning.

It was a fun Meetup.

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