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Tabula rasa

Call me Reverend Didier! Yes, you may now call me Reverend Didier of the Pastafarianism Church, whose divinity is a flying spaghetti monster. Al dente", I hope ...

As you can surely guess, this was a mature decision. Believe it or not, I have been granted a card with my name on it that grants me the right to exercise the duties of the ministry such as sermonising, perform rituals of all kinds and even... cast out false prophets!

This religion being rather new, take a look at Wikipedia if you want to know more ...

Why this ordainment? The reason is both simple and radical: ALL concepts and stories without exception - especially the so-called spiritual ones - and ALL religions of all times and backgrounds have absolutely no reality. They do not bear the slightest trace of absolute truth, none at all.

In the best of case, concepts come from an imperfect and incomplete toolbox which may contribute to dismantle the Dream Machine. However, they for the most part represent an infinite waste of time and energy; and it is very much about wandering endlessly.

Concepts cannot possibly contain any truth to be treasured. There is nothing to remember, cherish, venerate, share, discuss, protect or defend. They are tools only, in other words pointers. After use, tools returns to their box, which itself returns to its shelf in the house attic or cellar, to be completely forgotten.

You are asking me, "Why Pastafarianism and not some other church?" The answer is "Why not?"

To believe in any teaching, to congratulate each other and philosophize ad vitam æternam on Christian, Buddhist, Muslim to name a few, and even... non-dual truths (!), take you nowhere. They are "always the same". These so-called truths are by any means no different from believing that a flying monster made of spaghetti, however invisible and undetectable, created the universe after too much drinking, which explains why the Earth is so imperfect.

Now ... all it takes is a flash of clarity, right here and right now, to give up once and for all this conceptual rubbish, and laugh heartily when realizing that "thinking" cannot possibly take us to what we already really are.

In this realisation, THAT which has always been will shine, uncluttered with the dead weight of the mind, in its utter simplicity and nakedness.

So I say: "Tabula rasa! " This includes this entire message and my "reverend card” ... which will self-destruct within the next 10 seconds!


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