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Sysyphus and other devastating tasks

The two “Samadhi' movies (here One and Two) by Daniel J. Schmidt were a unanimous hit (!) among our group.

Unlike movie like “Samsara” and “Baraka” by Ron Fricke, “Samadhi” movies are verbal documentaries, you have been warned! At times the pause button is a valid option to better let abundant visuals, music and commentary really infuse.

Here are the extracts that we watched and commented together:

  • Video 1 - Extract 1: Sisyphus task 4”30 (30:00 to 34:30) About finding meaning in this absurd existence: either we go madly after the pursuits completely identified to our body-minds or we awaken and become free through the realisation of their utter futility. The Suffering stops when the inner resistance to 'what is' drops.

  • Video 1 - Extract 2: The truth about who you are 6”00 (52:19 to 58: 20) What are you willing to pay to be free?

  • Video 2 - Extract 1: Whatever we say: Let it go! 1”30 (40:28 to 42:03) Realisation of the Changeless: the world is actually you.

  • Video 2 - Extract 2: So simple! 3”00 (54:50 to 57:57) Your mind will always miss it. Be still and Know. A call to inner silence, a call to stop. An effortless and impersonal STOP. (The most enjoyable part of the film, if we may... :-))

During that meeting, our further live musings on the theme of freedom from our human condition and of the inner call for “fundamental happiness” briefly touched on a method made popular through the Australian website “Actual Freedom”.

One is this universe experiencing itself as a sensate and reflective human being.”

The wide and wondrous path to an actual freedom from the human condition is marked by enjoyment and appreciation – the sheer delight of being as happy and harmless as is humanly possible whilst remaining a ‘self’ – and the slightest diminishment of such felicity/ innocuity is a warning signal (a flashing red light as it were) that one has inadvertently wandered off the way.”

For those of you who would like to investigate further:


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