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Probing resistance

The resistance to 'What is', otherwise known as the guarantee of suffering, was not the focus of our meeting today. For those who happily go with the flow, whatever the circumstances are, however pleasant or unpleasant, there will be no need to listen to: :-)

Our focus however was the conscious and/or unconscious resistance to the non dual message itself, otherwise known as the infinite number of creative ways the seeker comes up with to divert, deny, delay, disguise, complicate, transform the clear and simple non dual message: “Consciousness is all there is”.

Find here an example of non resistance to the non dual message:

Now here are several examples of resistance to the message:

“You’re given the message: 'You are a lion or there is just lionessness', let’s say. But what happens is when this message is heard by a sheep, the sheep hears, 'you are a lion, you are a lion, you can become like a lion.' That is not the message. It seems very noble for a sheep to want to become like a lion, but if you are a lion, you’re missing the whole point obviously. To try to practice to be a lion is reinforcing the belief that you are a sheep.

The seeker lives in a separate dream in which nothing is fulfilled. Everything is unsatisfying. What is being suggested here is that it is possible that this energy of separation can suddenly simply disappear, melt into the whole. It can happen any time, at a meeting or at a bus stop, not necessarily after a meditation.

"The Beloved has never left you. You don’t need to go anywhere to find it, it is here already, it never left. Lots of people get very angry about this message and may non dual teachers do not like this message at all. It is not compassionate. It has no compassion… It is the only compassion! The only compassion there is is that which destroys the illusion of separation!”

When you go to sleep at night, everything you know about yourself disappears. All your thoughts, your feelings, your world, your body, all the knowledge that you have accumulated, all your hopes, everything disappears; and yet not only do you not fear it but you actually look forward to it precisely because all that is going to disappear. It is such a relief when it all disappears. When you go to sleep, you do not cease to be. But everything that you have carried around give you a break."

Happiness is freedom from holding on to anything. The opposite of freedom is being a believer. Basically being a believer is a description of identity, a contraction that has fear as part of its structure because it needs to hold itself together.”

Question everything to unknot the knot of your mind! Belief is identity. To be free of belief is to be given the freedom to question your beliefs.

Why do people walk right up to the door of what is Liberation, which is the deepest beauty, and then walk right past it? I’ll tell you why, because there isno glittering lights,that’s why. Hang in there for a while, you’ve just scratched the surface. And the story that it is boring is one of the mind’s last defenses, it’s very effective. It is the last gasp of mind. Just let go deeper. Discover what your emptiness is."

Now let's contemplate that not resisting the resistance, or simply allowing the resistance also to be as 'What is', may bring some relaxation to the mind, and hereby allow to re-discover the 'Peace that passeth understanding'.

It is our mind, and that alone, that chains us or sets us free”. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche


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