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Pole dance

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"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing 

 Love is knowing I am everything

 and between the two my life moves."

This quote Nisargadatta Maharaj describes the 2 poles that can be continuously "experienced".

"I am everything"

If you look closely, Awareness doesn’t "pervade" all, is not located "all around the room". You couldn't say that clay "pervades" pots and plates, could you? Clay is the only matter of these shapes called pots, plates, etc … In the same way, Awareness is the "matter" of whatever arises, and in that sense is the only "no-thing" that is ever experienced. There are no rooms, no me, no objects around. Only: That I am.

“I am nothing”

The tiny dot that you describe has no dimension (I know that words are a limiting factor). This "tiny dot" seems to be perceived in time and space but actually it is "prior", as a dimensionless and timeless capacity for time and space to unfold, and to tell their story. 😉

As seekers, the arrow of our intelligence and the one of our perceptions - however well or hard we sharpen these tools - can never reach their target. Our Essence is what is prior the bow and not, as what we have been learning throughout our life, further ahead and in front of it.

It is essential in this moment, not to acquire more techniques or accumulate more knowledge, but to gain a clear and precise Understanding of the exact place to explore.

For this is a key point: awakening is not different from Awakening conceiving itself exactly and perfectly.

So going "to the root of it all” is exactly that: sticking to this sense of Existence, Presence, Awareness, (ourselves!) and realising that it is never - and has never been - located in time and space.


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