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Our toolbox - part 2

To continue with our direct experience exploration this session counted a few more experiential exercises, among which:

1/ Squinting the eyes

  • When we look at an object, what do we see? Can we agree we see ONE OBJECT?

  • When we squint while looking at an object, what do we see? Can we agree we see TWO IMAGES of the same object?

  • Now stop squinting and look again at the object. Can we agree that we are seeing ONE IMAGE of an object and …. NO longer ONE OBJECT? Practice again and again until perhaps it becomes... obvious. The idea behind this exploration is to remove this subtle but deep impression that we are seeing a world (existing by itself). What might be discovered here is that the only part that is for sure is the image = the seeing = an act of awareness.

2/ Treasure hunt

Where does “I” locate its sense of self? This step by step process by Gred goode is stunningly revealing.

The result of the enquiry, lo and behold, will probably not come as a good surprise, likely to be the opposite as a matter of fact, more like an occasion to lose a dear dear friend... Nevertheless, we recommend you go for it!

3/ Life is a novel!

(You can say if you prefer: “Life is a movie”, “Life is a story”, “Life is a dance”.)

If this does not ring true, try to find out what makes you feel it is not exactly so.

See deeply what makes you believe it is NOT a novel: you might extract the elements that are keeping you separate from it.

Go with your feelings but question your belief system, “my experience of individuality feels real”, "I have control over what's happening”. Are you that 100% sure that your beliefs are rock solid?

4/ Gratitude

As a last simple and humbling “hand on” practice, here is Mooji's “Gratitude exercise” that you can practice along the next hour, day or year after year... any time without moderation, come what may, satisfaction guaranteed... especialy when the road gets bumpy.


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