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Me / not-me, where is the line?

If one by one, provided I had the interest, the means and the time to do so, I asked the seven and a half billion people on this planet Earth if they were and/or felt like an “I” with a “me feeling” and “my“ whatever belongs to “me” and that I consider “mine”, the answer I would undoubtedly get – except for a few strange ones - would be a clear “Yes!”, probably pointing at their body somewhere in its upper part, certainly above the waist.

And if again, I would ask these same people that had said “Yes!”, to point at what is not “I” or “not me”, or “not mine”, their hand would certainly go in all directions but their body, as of course, the “I, me, my, mine limit” stands right here... at the edge of the skin. Now that second question would perhaps be accompanied by a suspicious doubt about “my” very own mental sanity, as of course, “how could it possibly be otherwise...? What is not my body is not me by de-fi-ni-tion!”

24 met last Saturday to see for themselves whether this limit, or rather this unverified assumption of a limitation imposed through space and time on our body-mind since our early childhood, was thin, bold or perhaps... non existent!

To allow in deep silence the possibility of an open seamless limitless and timeless territory, the session started with a meditation led by Christian Shadlock - Direct Pointing - What is I, me - The illusion of the separate self.

Given that what is considered “not me” is so obvious at first glance, we were then asked to list a criteria, or cause, reason, motivation to label something “me” and make it special:

- the feeling of touch, not so much sound and sight

- it is required on the practical level in daily living

- it comes from the sense of personal doership/authorship,


Didier and Ragi attempted to share in turn their experience of the same, as an experience and not as a belief; which turned out to be a revealing exercise as how each and everyone sees/knows and expresses oneself so uniquely. And further more as how each and everyone of us resonates ever so uniquely with the non dual message, and the messenger.

We then viewed 2 very short clips by straight to the point Paul Hedderman:

- You are the Seeing “The me can only look for things, it cannot see what’s looking.”

- Seeing what I am not “This message is into nothing, I can only see what I am not.”

We all stayed close knit till 6pm, breaking all time records, which proved the interest for the members on this seemingly journey into recognizing one's true nature...


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