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Life is

It is no big mystery. Our hopes and dreams for the future do not always work out the way we plan; or sometimes they do not work even at all, despite all our efforts ...

Hopes and dreams are not ours in the first place. Like all thoughts, they come and go.

Plans are not ours, that of an individual entity.

And it is no big discovery. Our plans, however careful or careless they appeared to be originally, may come out as successes initially only to turn out as failures or anything in between; and vice versa.

We also may in retrospect consider the plans we made at one time as the greatest or the silliest ideas, as our perspective is constantly changing thanks to life experiences.

Life does not have a one-day or 5-year forecast plan.

Life is ever changing, right here on the move, one now at a time.

Life could not possibly wish to be somewhere else but where it is at very moment, for there is not a place where it is not.

Life could not possibly wish it could be earlier or later, for there is not a time when it is not.

Life knows no better or no worse, it just IS.

Life inexorably and ruthlessly unfolds perfectly, that's what it does.

Life happens.

... And any comment on Life's happenings would be simply superfluous.


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