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Let's kill the Buddha

“There is nothing outside Pure Consciousness.” The message is clearer than clear, so what does it take for “us” to really see/know? How do we shove away all the dirt produced by our imagination which obscures Clarity?

Luckily, we are not alone, long live the Gurus! Internet has largely contributed to create a community of “like-minded people” that search and find together. Many offer satsangs, write books, have transcripts of their talks. Some of us have been lucky to meet, in person so to speak, teachers, messengers, mentors, masters, gurus - whatever name we want to call them - whose clear-cut message relentlessly keep us on pointing us back in the home direction... until Clarity strikes.

Let's listen to a few of these more or less ordinary people:

“We are living what we are. There is no way you can teach non duality, you can only teach about the primary duality: subject-object.”

“I am a mailman delivering a conceptual envelope. I am just a catalyst, an inviter to entertain the possibility that is inherent in you, it is not coming from outside.”

"Don’t you realize that sitting around here in this room with our ordinary faces and clothes and personalities, we are smacked in the middle of the beatific vision? And that sitting here in this room is infinity precisely. It is it. This is the beatific vision. This is God”

"The great mystics have ceased to cling to God. The only God you can cling to is the idea of God. In order to discover God, you’ve entirely to stop clinging. One clings to God for safety, happiness, meaning, thinking there is someone out there who cares. And if it is not God, it is money, sex, yourself, power… These are all false gods. There has to come a time when clinging stops. Real faith is when you don’t hold on to anything anymore.”

The Matrix (1999) - movie extract

At the end of the movie Neo is being told by the Oracle that he will soon need to do without his mentor Morpheus. And the only option is that Neo will have to “make the choice” to kill him: “Between Morpheus and yourself, one of you is going to die” says the Oracle to Neo. Suggesting to get free from all bondage of the “others”, even your cherished mentor.

“There is no such thing as a magical being. It has to do with a resonance. It is this quality of resonance or connection which makes the guru-disciple relationship, which makes that magic happens. It does not matter which object is at the other end of that connection. It could be a mountain. It could be, like in my case, a very unlikely type of Guru, a 72 year old Indian bank president.”

Jan Kersschot “ This Is It” Extracts from pages 14 & 15 – Teachers of non-dualism

“The teacher you are attracted to is just a reflection of what you're looking for. As long as you are looking for something, be it bliss, resonance or peace, you will encounter teachers or masters who will claim that they can give it to you.”

“Other teachers may look more ordinary and focus on the intellectual approach of the spiritual path. They can challenge some of your belief systems. Finally, one can encounter someone who leaves you with nothing whatsoever and gives no basis for your personality.  Then all that is left is Presence.”


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