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Is there a world out there?

“Is there a me here and a world out there?”or“Are there as many worlds as there are points of views?”was the question we explored together at our meeting... To illustrate this very key point, we watched some extracts of the following videos:

Rupert takes the example of a single object, here a flower.

Is there really a flower seemingly out there standing as a separate entity or isn't it simply an assumption? From our own personal experience in all openness, we are merely experiencing sensations/perceptions, that's the only thing that is sure. There is no subject and object other than sensations / perceptions. A world outside there with a flower can never be proved and is called an inference.

We hold on to the impression that there are 7 billions awarenesses experiencing one single world. This is called the “intersubjective agreement” whereas the world derives from a single awareness and can be experienced from as many angles as there are points of views. Yes, that makes 7 billions angles of the "world"... but one single awareness, astonishing conclusion, isn't?

On the same trail of thought, let's ask ourselves the question: “What evidence is there of a world outside perception?”

Here we go further into the Inter subjective agreement. Rupert makes us reach the conclusion that there are as many participant's views of his body that describe 75 Ruperts within a single awareness.

If you feel drawn to this topic, you may also watch:

Consciousness seems to be contained in/by the body-mind, but consciousness is shared by all.

"I never use the word illusion". It is the way we commonly see it that is the one and only illusion.

As you may have realized, Rupert Spira is a favorite of ours, though we now know there are as many Ruperts as there are members... in one single awareness ;-)

As a complementary angle, Catherine Pépin gave us a detailed, fun and passionate presentation on what Quantum Physics has to say about the role of the observer in the physical realm. Thank you, Catherine!


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