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I am That... WTF?

Alan Watts inspired us to embrace Life ever so fully including all possible opposites beyond any sense of agency – as we are now by default ! – to allow ourselves to feel fully as the Ultimate Reality and stop pretending we are not “That”...

Then Mooji invited us to stop fearing losing Consciousness to experience the sense of Peace whatever the circumstances.

After the break, the group had come down to a sense of Presence that even deepened with the video of Gangaji that was followed by a long period of silence.

Focused as we were, it was a rare moment of silence when we were able to experience in a palpable manner the unpalpable, the somethingness of the nothingness...

This silence led to a quiet conversation about Silence that is the background of Life as it is, the Space which is the background of Life as it is. There are always there, they are never absent, only we seemingly forget “That”, the background of Life.


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