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Hunting the misconceptions

A paper with a list of 17 misconceptions about awakening was handed out. Everyone was asked to read this list and to see which ones or others were puzzling needed clarification, or which ones in their lives were or are actively blocking the clear perception of our true nature, and share this with the group.

Videos of Mooji, Gangaji, Adyashanti and Rupert Spira were used to highlight one aspect or the other of erroneously believing we are not already what we are. It is only our beliefs in thoughts and the identification with what we call a personal identity which are hiding this simple truth.

In between the videos points were brought up about doership, contradictions in the things which were presented.

The video of Rupert which was pointed directly that it is awareness itself which is aware, helped to allow some relaxation to enter.

Misconceptions about Enlightenment Or “Waking Up”:

1 People actually “get enlightened”.

2 It’s the highest attainment possible for a human – the end of the road.

3 It’s very rare.

4 You will be omniscient/omnipotent.

5 You will develop special powers, or “siddhis”.

6 All your problems will be over.

7 You will be all holy/saintly.

8 It brings perfect control of the mind.

9 You need years/decades/lifetimes of spiritual practice.

10 You become a teacher/guru.

11 Everyone will love you and be drawn to you.

12 He/she can’t be enlightened because he/she drinks, smokes, eats meat, has sex, swears, hasn’t meditated enough, talks about it, gets angry, can’t fly, is a total wanker… (insert your own dogma here).

13 You will have no desires.

14 There is a certain order to awakening according to (insert your own dogma) scripture/teacher/tradition.

15 So if everything’s perfect and nothing matters, what’s the point of doing anything?

16 You shouldn’t talk about it.

17 So if it’s not all its cracked up to be, what practical use does it actually have then?

From the website of Phil Escott:


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