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How deeply?

For once, the theme of our meeting was not so much about what we are seeking for, but why, how and to what extent and towards which result are we ready to stretch ourselves, minds and bodies!

"How deeply do you want to go in your spiritual life?"

If we take a few moments to reflect, we might sooner or later find out this is a trick question that only sparks only more questioning... How deep is deep when there is no perspective to dig from? How deep enough or not deep enough when there is no yard stick? How deep or not so deep when there is no comparison to make? How long should the digging takes when the clock keeps on saying, “Now!” What tools is best, from no tools to the full tool box? And where do we dig knowing we could dig here, there, everywhere and nowhere for that matter?How hard or light should the digging be, before the meditation pillow flies through the window, the spiritual books starts nicely collecting dust, and before the idea of seeking vanishes with an exhausted spiritual seeker rolling in laughter?

We read a text by Dorothy Hunt, 2016

Our home ground, our source, is always available. We do not have to import it. We do not create it, and we cannot hold onto it. It is present in every experience. It is in the smile on your face, the frustration of a mind that cannot “get” what it is seeking. It is here now in the taste of morning tea, the challenging boss at work, the beauty of a sunset. It is here seeing, awaring, loving, being all moments, all experiences. As you no doubt have discovered, it is easy to remain awake in heaven. But what is awake is awake in the hellish moments as well. And beyond any experience, there is our true source, “making everything shine.”

Eric graced us with a quotation from Houang-Po, Tch'an master from IX century that says in words the vainness of words here...

My own substance is the fact of my Spirit, what could I look for in words and texts?”

We watched a beautiful video by Unmani that sums it all. 'The Spiritual Dream' – YouTube

We also watched a conversation with Stephen Wolinski on the nature of the I AM.

PS by Bob Dylan:

"How many years can some people exist

Before they're allowed to be free?

The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

The answer is blowin' in the wind"


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