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Double Whammy

Whether we know it or not, we're awake! Now... the trick is to know this really, to know this NOT as a knowing by a knower, not as a new knowing to place next to other knowings in our cherished collection of knowings, RATHER as Knowing itself by itself as Itself. Exit the knower that did not exist… No meaning, no purpose, no point, no sense of direction, no aim... just Awakeness!

Body and mind doubtful or rebellious? While the body raises its Independence flag with all its might and the mind comes alive with racing thoughts, listen to Fred Davis for the promised Double Whammy:

Nonduality: Why Seekers and Re-seekers Seek for Decades Without Success - YouTube

Prior to this, become familiar with the words he uses:

  • a character (the independent/egoic personality)

  • a unit (awakeness in this particular body/mind form)

1st point: "The reason that people are seeking for decades is the one thing that the character can't get:  his/her own absence! It is the belief itself that "the character is going to understand that there is no character” that keeps the seeker in the hamster wheel".

2nd point: "The one thing that the brain cannot understand is that the brain cannot understand non-dual concepts. The mind is trying to understand something that is way beyond the mind. A part cannot contain the whole, so its job is only to see what is not true. The answer will arise beyond and surely not from this limited mind. The unit is not the owner of that higher Knowing. There are no parts, just appearances, fluctuations in the field, as it were, that appear as parts.  Clearly there are differences, but there are no demarcations.”

That's it. Know this only really and you're Awakeness seen in Clarity, there's Dancing Awakeness: The Dance of Life goes on totally changed, yet unchanged...

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