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Don't feed the animals!

Unexamined ideas, beliefs and emotional patterns because of our identity which is invested in them, are given a lot of attention: "This is me", we feed them and by doing so give them credibility. And because of this the clear open space we are, is cluttered. We do not see clear as we mistake ourselves for a separate limited entity. In four short video clips different ND speakers were highlighting in their ways where and how this comes into being and how one can recognize and ease these beliefs and emotional patterns out of their contracted state.

Gary Webber in discussion with Rich Doyle about the fact that everything is coming out of Nothingness, and is just passing by.

Jeff Foster beautifully explains that fear, anger are raw sensations are just coming up to be felt. But which become a problem when we put the word 'my' in front of it. 'My fear', 'my pain'.

Mukti in other words highlights the same topic.

And Paul Hedderman clear and straightforward describing that we are constantly busy with 'what is NOT happening'.

After the break Deepak brought a video from Eckart Tolle.

Very clearly Eckart brings together what seems to be two different statements;

One is that we are This already and we cannot DO anything to get closer to this, as doing implies a process, time and a future state reach. So in this statement it becomes clear that we are this already and can only ever be realized NOW. Never in the future.

And two that there is a need for intensity, the intensity and need for this realization, as much as a drowning man needs oxygen. But this intensity does not mean a somewhere to reach, a process but it points towards directing this intensity to where we are already Here and Now.

And we concluded this meetup with two exercises from the Douglas Harding, 'Headless Way' tradition...


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