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When, upon reading a pointer just once, out of the blue or after many years of solid practices of all sorts, our true nature is being revealed in its both utter simplicity and sheer grandiosity, there is a good chance that it is recognised; our search then comes to a stop and we stay as THAT - notwithstanding a potential period of adaptation on the sensory level.

However there is a greater chance that it creates a conflict of interest for our separate sense of self that feels threatened and/or disoriented and/or simply bored. This is typically when mind fearing for its survival comes up with all kinds of fight-or-flight responses and creative strategies to avoid the obvious, keeping us thus dreaming by giving a new-improved-awakened-formula to our dream. Who knows?

We might even pick up non duality as our lifetime hobby to keep on dreaming! If this does not ring a bell, take the time now to honestly look again 

Treating everything as a dream liberates. As long as you give reality to dreams, you are their slave. By imagining that you are born as so-and-so, you become a slave of the so-and-so. The essence of slavery is to imagine yourself to be a process, to have past and future, to have history. In fact, we have no history, we are not a process, we do not develop, nor decay; so see all as a dream and stay out of it.”Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

What's happening is in total free fall, it is just there, it is not anybody's. It can't be owned. It's just what it is. It is alone. It does not need you. Now what also happens is the sense of being someone, a sense of an individual with a centre. It is not right and it is not wrong, it is what it is.”

This message is simple and obvious. It can't be grasped, it can't be learnt but that which tries to seek it can evaporate, it can collapse and all that remains is the absolute celebration of aliveness.”

There is no self, all there is is what's happening. It is a story. Yea, so what can I do to see that?”

For those of us for which staying as THAT makes them restless and are nevertheless ready to laugh at themselves:  Dan Calls Tony Parsons – YouTube

Rupert Spira offers yet a different approach and a precious tip:

“When cognitive dissonance comes up, the self with its sense of separation strongly goes deaf and resists by choosing one or several very risky avenues to stay alive and safe. Even when the dissonance is acknowledged, a terrific defence system is in place. This is what we could call the beginning of spiritual dissonance: weendlessly watch non dual videos, books, keep on talking and questioning or we even manipulate Advaita teaching,

Are we going to go on with non dual BS? Or shall we have the courage and love to face these specific feelings coming from separation to allow them to come fully up; and to stay in place without rejecting them and without expressing them?. Surrendering is an opening without resistance.”

To illustrate again humorously our useless effort to “become” what we are versus simply be what we are: Paul Hedderman / Are You a Lion or a Sheep? - YouTube


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