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Deep Sleep

At first glance, we might think that “Deep sleep” is not the most enticing topic to explore as a group. After all, isn't deep sleep essentially an individual business, if at all our business! When our bodies go to rest, the little time dedicated to deep sleep is the one and only time where the mind gives in and our sense of being a separate self  is completely gone, as opposed to the waking state or even the dream state.

As to a “Deep sleep exploration”, we may wonder where it might possibly take us, apart from entering deep sleep!

Didier's deep sleep step by step exploration either led us to a deep relaxation and/or to some valuable insights into the wonder of it all. We say that deep sleep is unconscious, but could it just be a “state” without objects? Not even the self reflexion of “I” ? What if we consented to consider that deep sleep is not a state we experience  when we rest our bodies, but a “no state state” that is so intimate and always now that we fail to recognise it right in the midst of our awake state in daily life?

We will offer again this exploration in a further session with eyes open this time as to sharpen our alertness. Your feedback is expected and welcome!

Here are below some links that are related to this particular topic. In our session  watched a few  minutes of the first video by Super Rupert!

Rupert Spira

Beautiful exploration: I Never Sleep - YouTube

Francis Lucille


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