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Chop wood, carry water

Our meeting was a contribution to uproot the common wishful thinking“When I am enlightened, I will be happy ever after” that keeps the seeker on his/her seeking wheel of practices and readings and more, only reinforcing the idea of a seeker on a spiritual journey of becoming.

All is Consciousness at play.

When the one chopping wood and carrying wood is seen through as illusory, nothing apparently changes. But chopping wood and carrying water reveal themselves as Life experiencing itself more alive than ever before.

This Seeing enables us to become fully human. It can seem as a step out of life initially. It can be useful to unattach this fixation of being contained inside a body. This tingling sensation in what I call 'my' hand just appears like 'your' face. Whatever it is that I am is aware of both. That takes us out of the fixation that we're contained in here. But then we come right back in to see that your face and this tingling hand are both indivisible from what I am. What I am is appearing as That.”

From Clarity there is a possibility of re-alignment into a more harmonious life.

The development of the body-mind, the way we think, feel, move, act, relate... that goes on developing for ever, there is no end to the permeation of the whole structure of the body-mind with this understanding. But it is not the development of a person.”

Follow two testimonies of different flavors, strawberry and chocolate:

Only what's happening. Don't look for anything else.”

It is possible to remain active and do stuff while having no self-referential thoughts. This kind of shift is what can make sustainability happen.” by Gary Weber

As a bonus track, here is an extract from Paul Smit “Awakening for lazy people”:

As soon as you realize that everything is one consciousness, and that everything is driven by that one consciousness, life will become easier. You will realize that life is an all‐inclusive journey. As a human, you are an actor in a movie in which you follow the script automatically. You always superbly play your role, and every scene occurs exactly as it should. Therefore, you have never done anything wrong in the eyes of the director.

As soon as you realize that everything goes as it should go, the movie will simply continue. You are then no longer bothered by the 'Muppets' complaining about everything and thinking things should be different. The movie may still have setbacks, or things you do not like, but when you see that everything goes as it should go, nothing will be wrong. There will still be emotions, however, it will be like watching a movie, and you will not resist them. Feelings, thoughts, and emotions arise and wane, just like waves of the ocean.”


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