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Awakening in/from/to the dream

Email to D.

You asked what the difference is between Awakening "in/from/to" the dream. I will here use Jed McKenna's formulation and draw a parallel with that of Leo Hartong, author of "Awakening to the dream" who gave a more "typical" explanation of all these subtleties…

For Leo:

Awakening is akin to Lucid Dreaming. It’s only an analogy, there is a constant unbreakable knowledge - in this case, abiding non-dual awareness - that whatever happens is a dream that goes on auto-pilot. We are THAT which sees/hosts/is the dream.

Note that:

->  it is not about a separate dreamed character waking up in/within the dream. -> it is not about a supra level of existence - like Zion in "The Matrix" movie - that makes one say "waking up from the dream"knowing that "who you really are" is outside of it.

For Jed:

Careful, it might be confusing because Jed uses a totally different wording. But when he explains what he means about each word, it exactly boils down to Leo’s explanation. How could it be otherwise? 😉

Jed says: "Awakening in the dream" is the first step, like in "Alice in Wonderland". You follow the white rabbit because something switches in your brain, or your life… It is just waking up to the fact that there is more to see than the surface of things (the usual "all work and no play" experience) that then leads to "Adulthood" and a readiness in one's life to see, understand and accept this non-dual message.

Then he says: "That’s not the last step, further! There is "Awakening from the dream" or “Enlightenment" which is the exact description - as far as I could read - of "Awakening to the dream" from Leo Hartong.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there."  ~ Rumi


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