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Amness - Isness

This meeting was very peaceful and touching. Our small group started with simply being in silence, just that. Then we proceeded with listening – eyes closed or opened – to the seemingly close or far ambient sounds coming and going in the foreground, while keeping all the while our attention on the background of silence that is already and always here present, yet motionless and quality-less.We tried to find an edge as to where the sounds start and end, a limit as to where body sensations and perceptions start and end exploring for ourselves whether an edge, a limit can indeed be found or not.

For all we know, the space for lack of a better word was alive and vibrant. This space is already and always alive and vibrating under all circumstances no matter what, where and when, and whether we know or not. But it takes a moment of focus to recognise this knowingly. To know this not through words, through torturing the mind with trying to understand, but through a simple recognition that there is Being and Knowing of it.

We also touched the topic of free will and choice: As long as there is a sense of separation, free will applies until the moment of Grace when it is discovered that free will is a moot point.

It is not that decisions, actions, choices do not happen with all that they entail in terms of consequences of all kinds. Decisions, actions, choices are being made every now. This is how Life unfolds. Or rather this is how Life unfolds for no one, for there is no one that makes decisions, actions, choices. Rupert again: “Does free will exist?."


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