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Alive and groundless

If the invitation “Alive and Groundless” to our first Meetup of this new season sounded to me like a promise too good to be true, here is for the skeptical that I am:

IT is not at all about my speculative thoughts: ideas and beliefs replacing old thoughts, ideas and beliefs. IT is not about my spiritual practices and peak experiences: about new do's and dont's replacing old do's and dont's. IT is not about me, you, she, he, we, you and they, or even a new me and others replacing an old me and others. IT is not about my past and future, or even an new past and new future to come replacing an old past and and old future to come.

In short, IT is not about imagining. IT is not about me living an imaginary life with an illusory sense of self, an all-personal agenda, meaning and purpose. IT actually is about Being without imagination. IT is about meaninglessness. It is about purposelessness. IT is about the openness to the possibility that I already and always am alive and groundless. IT is all about who I really am.

Now what is the stumbling block? IT has nothing to do with me, the one physically sitting down writing/reading these lines, a born to die and cumbersome personal me. IT has all to do with Life. It is about LIFE without myself imagining my life and how the story of mine was, will be, should be, would be, should have been. IT is about Life as it is, stripped of my self and my imagination. And as a sweet reminder -  in case I had not noticed -  Life is, more often than not, alive, wild, and above all short of being dull, whether I want it or not...

Here are a few links we explored together at our Meetup to open to this possibility:

"It is the adventure of unknowing, it is the adventure of living in free fall. This is about being totally alive and totally in love.”Tony Parsons

"You are life. It is the step... the shift from feeling like a person who has a life to the realisation that there only is life. It is just aliveness and that’s all there is.”

“And I can see that even amongst all the despair, there’s poignant beauty, beneath all the meaningless suffering, a silent certainty that all’s well and there’s a feeling of relief, like coming home.”

"Emptiness is filled with life. The absence is the presence of everything. It’s because you are absent, that there is nothing that can block this presence any more.”

"You are not what you think you are because what you think you are is a thought appearing in what you really are. You are freedom itself already.”


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