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A virtual nondual potluck

Our virtual potluck was about sharing video clips, poems, or songs, anything related to this topic which inspires us.

Since Paul Smit was here with us we started with one of his Advaita Cowboy video's. The one in which poor Lisa gets shot. It was a funny way to start.

Then as second flavour we had exceptionally Mooji in an interview extract (chosen by Anamika): The Absolute meets the relative.

In those one and half year of Meetup it was the first time we used a video clip of Mooji , because although he is very clear in his message, in the way he functions and operates he seems to encourage the Guru-Disciple dynamic which can confuse the clear message. In this video he talks like a normal person, just answering questions. One thing he addresses in this clip is that the sense of falling apart, or ceasing to exist once the ego structure starts to collapse under the light of scrutiny and self enquiry, the fear which comes up and even those mind and psychological structures are also simply seen. Are also seen as phenomena appearing. Not to buy into them but simply notice that they are coming up in awareness to be seen.

Then we had Genpo Roshi ( brought by Bom ) explaining the Big Mind Process. Beautifully clear and coming from the Zen tradition. And as Philippe is since long involved with Zen he could tell us a bit more about the back ground of Zen.

The hilarious video of Dan Jackass ( from Cecilia ): Spiritual Junkie needs a fix. Had us all laughing out loud. ( probably in recognition... ;-) )

And a video extract of Karl Renz.

This one was brought by David, and he introduced us to Karl’s teaching and waking process which he both compared to UG Krishnamurti’s. As both are anti guru’s and both had a physical process involving pain in their awakening.

The video showed a charming smiling Karl who with ease and conviction destroyed again and again any question which came from the audience. He did this in a skilful way. It left us stunned and silent.

After the break we heard the song from KirtanaWho we really are’ ( brought by Kesi )

Roland told us about the long connection he has with J. Krishnamurty and that he appreciates so much Krishnamurty’s insistence that he is not a teacher or a guru, but again and again invites us that we have to find out by ourselves.

A poem of Steve Taylor: ‘What is Missing’ ( brought by Kesi ) was read out by Gudula.

The text of Jeff Foster: ‘The Greatest Relief’ ( brought by Didier ) and read out by Cecilia.

There was a great sense of openness with the body feeling free and light because there was no constriction but a welcoming of All.


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