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A very human and divine experience

Once the myths of self-improvement and/or dream-of-life-betterment have been busted, once you stop to feel mortal because you no longer take yourself to be the body, once you stop nursing the neat little package of genetics and conditionings that your parents delivered on D day with your name on it, once the self has been unmasked and seen for what it is: an imaginary bundle of sensory perceptions and thoughts, once you stop believing in values and beliefs – even the more solid and better intended – that shaped you; in other words, once the cosmic joke is revealed, rumour has it ... that you stop being a human, aloofness prevails and you no longer lead a human life!

As a matter of fact, this is the time of all possibilities and contradictions. You may stay your good old same, all has changed, yet nothing has changed. Or you may – surprise! go bonkers and your friends may not recognise you - at least for a good while.

You may go incognito by remaining silent or become passionate about sharing. You may run alone to the Himalayas for a while to sink further into this newly discovered peace, or you may now feel unconditional love for all that you meet and find 3D Life completely awesome, whatever the circumstances. And vice versa... anything can happen. Life unfolds as it unfolds. But one thing is sure, you remain human!


To start with a bit of humour, enjoy “The death of a romance” with Lisa Cairns and Paul Smit.


Now as Unmani puts it, It is very common to try to wish to deny our human experience whereas the complete rest lies in fully embracing the human experience.


Now let's hear one or more talks by “Master” Rupert Spira on this particularly sensitive aspect of humanity in non duality. We fully go further and methodically into this exploration, let Rupert guide us.

It is thought alone that divides the seamless intimacy of experience into an “inside self” and “outside world”. But there is no such thing… there is only experiencing. All apparent objects/selves/others/worlds are just a modulation of this seamless intimate experiencing.”

Scan your body, scan the world. Do you find anything else than experiencing? It is pure intimacy knowing itself, out of time, out of space.

The underlying belief that remains is that the body is aware of my experience. Consider seeing AS IF seen from the body, but not located in the body.”

Thoughts, feelings, sensations are UNIQUE - and also limited - but what we REALLY are doesn’t share these limits. The experience is 100% human but we - at our core - are not human but divine.”

There is no need nor question of getting rid of the “ego” or “small I”. This is not an issue at all.

There are no multiple selves - using a concession by giving a prescription. I would still do so (giving a prescription) if there is no clarity about the utter absence of this so called “small separate self”. God IS the very self of each of us.

The ego is a limitation but not a mistake nor a problem. Judging creates another ego!”

Last one more option, using again “Mary & Jane” example to explain the mechanism of separation.

The intuition of something bigger/vaster is transformed into a belief of a small being in front of an immense god out there. At first what Jane doesn’t know is that this BIG Self is identical to her experience of her very own self.Then Jane now looks at her knowledge “I am” , “being”. We can never go away from ourselves to God! God IS the very self of each of us.”

Caveat: The word “God” used here by Rupert in his talks can be replaced by your favourite word: the Universe, the Divine, Love, Presence, etc... In any case, as you will have guessed, it is definitely not an object separate or away from what we really are...)

We hope you felt or will feel simultaneously very human and divine throughout this exploration. After all, it is a divinely human experience or a humanly divine experience...


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