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A matter of life and death

Our meeting was anything... but a matter of life and death (!) therefore those who were not there will be happy to know that basically they missed nothing, Life was happening anyway!

Rather we explored together with non dual teacher Fred Davis the concepts of birth and death of the idea of “what we think/believe we are”:

Since Fred is very expressive and remarkably verbal, plus his Southern American twang is difficult to grasp, here is a transcription of a few key passages for you to enjoy “live”.

“When were you born? When does Life start? Whether life starts with fertilisation or in the 3rd trimester, the debate is all in the dream! Life is there to begin with, this is where all is happening. It is happening in Life.

“When does Life start?', who is saying that? Oneness! Life itself is arguing with life itself about when does Life start… Fertilisation, 3rd trimester? It does not start on any of these moments… This is when “units” pop up, the same way that flower seeds pop up at a given time!”


Around the age of two, we develop self-Awareness with a small s. Prior to that, we had Self-Awareness, but it was Self-Awareness with a capital S. When this thing – pointing to the unit – comes out of the womb, it has Self-Awareness. It’s got no awareness of anything else. There’s no other, there’s just – waving his arms wide in silence – this... Self right here.

We are looking for Brahman, but who is looking for Brahman: Brahman! This is what we mean by One. Is it so difficult to figure out? It’s just one!


There is no independent Fred here. We can say on the relative level, there is Fredness. We can identify this pattern as Fredness. We can identify yours as Bob and Sue and I’ll believe yours if you believe mine. But they are not true. Since there’s only Oneness, when it appears that there‘s a baby born, is there really a baby being born? No! ’cause there’s not an independent entity there. It appears to be an entity when we assume that “I am an object.”


I am Consciousness, I am not an object. The truth is that I am bigger than that. I’m boundless, no bounds whatsoever... There’s an experience of Fredness here. There’s a sense of Fed over here but there is no Fred here because there is not any separation. There’s only one thing. I am IT, I am Consciousness, I am Oneness. I am all of manifestation. Of course, you can say the same because we’re the same thing, because there’s only one thing going on. We’re the very same thing. What is born right now? Hell, there’s nothing new going on, is it? The new born baby‘s experience is that of Oneness. Now the baby is bound into the story presented to him… “I see, I see, I see. I am not born into the story, I’m this” – baby pointing to the unit.

What is born when that happens? The sense of individuality. We move from the sense of Being to the sense of being Fred, Bob or Sue. The sense of Being and the sense of being Fred, Bob or Sue are completely different things. One is experience, which is the sense of being Fred and the other one is true, which is the sense of Being. So what is born? A sense of individuality.

When we die, what dies? It is that sense of individuality again. It is not true, there was no individual baby born, you got me? So there is no possible way that one can die. What happens is that Oneness has squiggled lots of us like play-dough into these forms.


Arisings happen within You. You are the Open Space. You are the Open Space. Repetition is the mother of clarity! The sense of individuality is what that is born, the sense of individuality is what that dies. You were never born, therefore you can’t die, because there is no opposite to Life. There’s birth and death. Birth and death are opposites. But where do birth and death occur? Within Life. That sense of being is that sense of Aliveness. “I have a sense of Aliveness”, who is saying that? Oneness! Oneness has a sense of Aliveness because Oneness is Life itself. And that’s all there is and that’s what you are."

"What is birth and death but the beginning and the ending of a stream of events in consciousness?" Nisargadatta Maharaj


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