Making something that

does not exist


We sometimes seek a whole lifetime

for a paradise that is lost, or so it seems.

We keep on looking away,

in a hypothetical exterior,

in a random future,

everywhere we think paradise may be.


But then, by fate or by grace,

when we expect it the least,

sometimes when we give up the search,

there is a reversal of perspective.

And this unbounded paradise,

reveals itself in all its sheer beauty,

naturally and effortlessly.


And what was hiding it,

our mistaken identity,

a pure fiction that seemed once so real,

disappears forever.


Paradise was never lost.

It was not really hidden either.

It was already and always here.

We simply had not paid true attention...


Non-duality is about the philosophical, spiritual, scientific but mainly experiential understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic Oneness.


Non-duality points to the seeing/knowing of our true nature by direct experience, to what we really are beyond all we think we know about ourselves.


It takes us to this timeless and placeless place that we, so called seekers, seem to fail to see/know, though it is closer than close...


Over a life time, this place has become unrecognisable, buried under the layers and layers of the construction of our personal identity, only perceived through the mental filter of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and no longer in its essence with its inherent beauty and simplicity.


This website is an attempt to dissipate together this mistaken identity, by tirelessly returning again and again to our essential nature, which happens to be the same for each of us.


Let us embrace fully the life that is, as it is, in its incredible and wild diversity!

Didier Weiss


There are many ways to talk about non-duality

(words are limited, yet they may be useful in bringing Clarity)



The seeker's corner

Informal conversations between Didier and  seekers from all around.
Email, forums, transcripts, etc...



In depth articles about non-duality, 
translations from French

or in original version.


The ONE database

A gold mine of pointers collected

during our meetings in India.
Each report links to videos from a cross section of contemporary speakers.


Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Feb 27
    in French - plateforme Zoom
    Feb 27, 12:15 PM – Feb 28, 4:15 PM
    in French - plateforme Zoom
    Une perspective non-duelle pratique, expérimentale et joyeuse.
  • Date : en attente de jours propices !
    Date : en attente de jours propices !
    OLAM, 36 Rue Emile Decorps, 69100 Villeurbanne, France
    Vendredi, une soirée d'introduction conviviale, et samedi, une journée-atelier pour approfondir d'avantage... mais conviviale aussi. 😃
  • Date unknown...
    Østbanegade 13, 2100 København, Denmark
    Date unknown...
    Østbanegade 13, 2100 København, Denmark
    A full day of explorations together - in English
  • Date unknown...
    Peter & Lotte
    Date unknown...
    Peter & Lotte , Vråvej 24, 8830 Tjele, Denmark
    This residential retreat requires passion and dedication. Its format is intensive: each moment of our waking hours, literally from the time we wake up in the morning till we fall asleep in the evening, will be dedicated in various ways to discover the perfume of Freedom.

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